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Faculty conduct cutting-edge research on domestic and international labour issues. We take interdisciplinary approaches to our research, drawing on theories and methodologies from across the Social Sciences, including Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Health and Aging, and Social Work. We are also leaders in community-engaged scholarship, collaborating with unions, community organizations and policy-makers on research that will help make work better for everyone.

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Southern Ontario’s Basic Income Experience

A study of how Ontario’s 2018 basic income pilot affected individuals and families in Hamilton and Brantford. Co-authored by Mohammad Ferdosi (McMaster University), Tom McDowell (Ryerson University) Wayne Lewchuk (McMaster University), and Stephanie Ross (McMaster University).

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Mapping the Void: Two-Spirit and LGBTIQ+ Experiences in Hamilton

A Research Partnership Among: McMaster University, The AIDS Network and Hamilton community researchers who identify as Two-Spirit and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer.

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Language Barriers and Workers’ Compensation Access in Ontario and Quebec

Authors: Premji, Begum, Medley, MacEachen, Saunders


Language barriers and workers’ compensation access in Ontario and Quebec, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. It reports on a comparative study of Quebec and Ontario workers’ compensation systems that examined how policies and practices facilitate or hinder access for injured workers who experience language barriers.

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Extreme Employment Precarity and Health Impacts Among South Asians in Toronto

Authors: Premji, Begum, Jahangir, Gnanayutham, McKinnon


Extreme employment precarity and health impacts among South Asians in Toronto, funded by an Ontario Multicultural Community Capacity grant. It describes experiences of extreme employment precarity and impacts on health and well-being among South Asians in Toronto based on stories shared in the context of focus groups and an information workshop developed by the team of researchers and advocates.

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A Guide to Identifying and Addressing Challenges Related to Language Barriers in Return to Work

Authors: Premji, Begum, MacEachen, Medley


Funded by the WSIB the guide provides advice for stakeholders involved in the return to work process on how to identify and address challenges that arise in contexts of language barriers.

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What To Do if You Get Injured or Ill from Work

Authors: Premji, Begum, MacEachen, Medley


This is a printable pamphlet funded by the WSIB has advice for injured workers who experience language barriers, and it is available in 7 languages. 

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Work, Inclusion and 2SLGBTQ+ people in Sudbury and Windsor

Authors: Mills, Owens, Guta, Lewis, Oswin


This report presents the findings of a two-year study of the experiences of a large and diverse sample of 2SLGBTQ+ workers in the mid-sized cities of Sudbury and Windsor to address these gaps. In partnership with the United Steelworkers Canada, Unifor and the Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre.

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